Bug Incision

A short time ago I learned of this label out of Calgary, documenting the Calgary free music scene and beyond.  I guess Bug Incision recently shipped a few releases to WFMU for airplay because they’ve been showing up in the new bin.   Additionally, WFMU’s music director passed me an excellent duo record from Aaron Leaney & Chris Dadge, totally free improv recorded on two separate occasions, tenor sax/clarinet and percussion.  The interaction is lithe and clean and never predictable.  Last week at the station, I previewed another Bug Incision duo record but didn’t get around to playing it: Chris Dadge and Rachel Wadham, playing piano, junk and violin.  Again, a spry little set.  BI’s got a couple of releases featuring musical genius Jack Wright, as well as a forthcoming record with Mats Gustaffson, so the Bug’s wings are spreading beyond Calgary.  Though I’ll be sticking with these two adventurous duo records for the time being.  They’re killing it.  Recommended.

Also, there are a bunch of archived mp3 releases up on the Bug Incision archives page, including the Bent Spoon Trio and a Jay Crocker/Chris Dadge duo, though I haven’t had a chance to listen to these yet.