This is the letter I sent out to some listeners about the WFMU marathon. Please consider pledging!

Dear Noble Listeners,

I’m writing to you because whether you know it/like it or not, you
represent the Long Rally’s core listenership. I want to thank you
sincerely for listening to the show, and speaking up. (You have
commented on one of the playlists or sent me an e-mail within the last
year or so or been a friend to the program. Don’t worry, I haven’t
added you to any e-mail list, only sending this one friendly note.)

As you may or may not be aware, WFMU’s annual fundraising marathon is
going on RIGHT NOW until March 14th. Please pledge to the Long Rally
tomorrow Wednesday, 11pm-2am EST at (or
pledge to any show, for that matter). The phone # to pledge is
1-800-989-9368. Please support freeform radio! We depend on these
two weeks to raise our operating budget for the year, so we literally
cannot exist without your support. We are mostly volunteers. We take
no corporate, college or government funding. By keeping our funding
in the community of our listeners, we maintain the ability to be
ruthlessly free of any kind of artistic constraints and to (hopefully)
give you original, interesting and unique radio.

You have the opportunity to get lots of stuff in exchange for your
support, so head over to to check out the new swag, and to answer any other question you may possibly have.

Look, any amount helps. If everyone throws $15 my way, I will far
surpass my personal marathon goals, and the station will be on its way
to another year of radio domination.

Again, thank you for listening, on a personal level it means a lot to
me. And please keep supporting FREEFORM RADIO and WFMU! Without you
we are nothing.

Freeform forever,
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
The Long Rally // “Drawing an endless knot.”
Wednesdays 11pm – 2am on WFMU 91.1 fm 90.1 fm //