Hartford Advocate: Music – Wes is the Bes.

Music from Wesleyan, hotbed.  This especially caught my eye:

If ever there was a band that represented the off-the-wall vibe that is Wesleyan’s hallmark, it’s Kentucky Fried Doom. While most sludge bands are happy to simply write songs about witchcraft, KFD anchors their sound on an actual bubbling cauldron. Only in this case, it’s a deep fryer. Oh yes: the Doomsters take contact microphones, stab them through pieces of tofu and potatoes, and dip them in a vat of bubbling, burning oil. The sound is then modified with a number of effects and pedals, and unleashed at the audience, covering songs like “Captain Canola” in a layer of hissing, frothing, ambient distortion.