(Image by Peter Gannushkin)

WFMU Pop-Up Player: The Long Rally with Scott McDowell from 4/8/2009.

Click above to launch the pop-up player for the live set from Mike Pride‘s quartet, From Bacteria to Boys, aired on last night’s Long Rally.  Really pleased with this one and I think you’ll enjoy it!  Show playlist/archive page is here.

This is a band I had not heard live before booking them on the show, but I’ve admired Mike and Darius for a while so I took a bit of a chance.  What I was surprised by is how much Alex Marcello and Peter Bitenc stood out; two musicians I was unfamiliar with previously, but who I’ll be checking on in the future.  They both played with big personality and technique but a casual ease that really fit the mood and tunes.  And, I have to say, Mike Pride’s tunes were something to behold, twisty and imaginative and fully formed.  Darius made a comment about the material being “really Mike.”  You can tell he worked hard on these songs and fit the band around what he wanted to achieve.

I will be posting individual mp3s and a few photos over WFMU’s blog when I get the chance.