Julian Cope on Liquorball’s excellent new slab, Evolutionary Squalor:

When my spies first told me Liquorball was back together after a full decade of silence, Lordy was I ever suspicious. Why on earth would the band wanna compromise three boner fido snot-gobbling classic 1990s LPs (LIQUORBALL FUCKS THE SKY, LIVE IN HITLER’S BUNKER and LIQUORBALL HAULS ASS)? I mean, with hobo/hunk/drummer supreme Mitch Fogelman out of the picture, couldn’t Grady Runyan, Feast & Co. just give the project a new name and leave us old timer fans to drool upon our Zimmerframes in a blissful oblivion of stoner incontinence? I mean, those old Liquorball LPs hurt and were even quite psychically dangerous to own. … (more)

via Julian Cope presents Head Heritage | Unsung | Album of the Month | Liqourball – Evolutionary Squalor.