(Image from Point of Departure.)

Ethan Iverson is back with an amazing two part interview with Tim Berne.  I really love reading about Tim’s early development, learning how to play with Julius Hemphill, etc.  Also, something to be said for EI’s interviewing, it’s witty and heartwarming, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Berne on improvising:

…when you’re freely improvising, it’s not like you say “Oh, he played a C, so I’m gonna play a D.” That’s not going through your head, you know? You’re making these snap decisions that are based on just feel, vibe, or what’s in the air. You can’t sit there and go “Ok, why is this working? This’ll work because I just played this against that.” So there’s a lot of magic. And we all know those moments where something magical happens, and you just sit on it until it goes away. It’s unexplainable, just like chemistry between two people.

via DO THE MATH: Interview with Tim Berne (part one).