simonsound » Sound.  (Thanks to Pete Shambler from Leisure Cove for the link.)

From the website of Simon James, an archive of two amazing radio series that ran on Resonance FM in the UK a few years back.  The first is called Welcome to Mars produced by Ken Hollings and described as “unscripted reflections on the fantasy of science in the early years of the American Century.”

The second is called The Tone Generation produced by Ian Halliwell, a name I had come across at WFMU via the excellent long-form collage pieces he did on the World Expos.  I am very excited to explore some of his other work as he has an obsession with antique synths, sound collage and radio.  I can get with that.

I subscribed to them both via podcast and encourage you to do the same!

Welcome to Mars podcast link | The Tone Generation podcast link