Nice long interview with Harris Eisenstadt. New Canada Day album out soon.  Some good stuff in here on how the birth of his son has affected his playing and life as a working musician, as well as lots of info on the new record.

If there’s any kind of archetype for that group, I suppose that it’s my love letter to the ’60s Miles quintet filtered through ’60s Blue Note records, with vibraphone replacing piano. It’s not a large group and not a small group; it has a perfect combination of sparseness and richness in terms of orchestration. More than anything, I wanted to have a working group when I moved back to New York in 2006. I spent a lot of the last decade as a bandleader-composer taking Wadada Leo Smith’s advice. Leo was a great mentor and teacher of mine. He said, “Once you get a group together, think about unusual instrumentation and sonorities, and think about challenging yourself from an orchestration or arranging concept.” So a lot of my groups have tried to address these concerns.

via Harris Eisenstadt: From Mbalax to Canada Day.

(via Tie a Bow Not a Knot: Long interview just posted at All About Jazz.)