(Photo via the New York Times)

Nice review of Evan Parker’s residency at the Stone.  I made it out to see EP with the wonderful Susie Ibarra and was not disappointed.  The set was warmhearted and pure and went from maniacal skittering to reflective calm and back again.

This NYT review focuses mostly on the set with Nate Wooley and Chris Corsano, two of my favorite musicians.  I am sorry to have missed it.

Instead the emphasis was on real-time reactivity and a shifting locus of tension. Though cast in the shape of a trio, the musicians did much of their strongest work in pairs. Mr. Parker and Mr. Wooley squared off near the end of the third piece, braiding their lines into barbed wire; Mr. Parker and Mr. Corsano often wound up together, tumbling hard but light, making a dizzying lesson of cooperative conflict.

via Music Review – Evan Parker – At the Stone, High-Energy Improvising With a Shifting Cast – NYTimes.com.