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From Nate Chinen’s blog, THE GIG, a nice post on free jazz poet Steve Dalachinsky, who collaborated on a new book with photographer Jacques Besceglia called Reaching into the Unknown 1964-2009, printed by the excellent Rogue Art label.  Dalachinsky is the de facto resident poet in the downtown NYC free jazz/improv community, a sort of successor to Amiri Baraka.

Dalachinsky wrote a poem for each set of Evan Parker’s residency at The Stone, two of which are reproduced in full in Nate Chinen’s post.

here the boat’s let loose down stream

& thru the rapids – then free falls o’er the falls

the top the peakless o’er it’s light & lamp

& end the plunge as it prevails

its cohesion amongst a spillage of dots.