Nice review from All About Jazz of Jessica Pavone’s beautifully titiled new record for Tzadik, Songs of Synastry and Solitude. I have yet to actually hear it but am really looking forward to this one, freeform in concept:

Influenced in part by Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate (Columbia, 1970), many of these tuneful pieces were inspired by folk, gospel, and soul, rather than traditional Western classical forms. Eschewing the atonal dissonances championed by the serialists, Pavone instead embraces time-honored string quartet techniques to render these compact meditations—including counterpoint, syncopation, equal interplay, unison themes, octave leaps and rubato tempos. Though inspired by folk music, these pieces still bear the influence of classical forms, especially the innovations of the Romantic composers—more so than traditional blues, jazz or rock structures.

via Jessica Pavone | Songs of Synastry and Solitude.