A nice “what I learned” post from the Industrial Jazz Group honcho Andrew Durkin, reflecting on the IJG’s recent tour of the northeast.  Andrew was kind enough to send me some music to play on the radio from this cool big band.  I didn’t have a chance before the shows actually happened (the week before was Singles Going Steady so I was reduced to playing all 7″ vinyl!)  Regardless, some great stuff in this post, for example:

3. Hire a professional asshole.

Otherwise known as a “tour manager,” this is the person who would, for instance, proactively motivate any individuals who seem poised to make everyone else late. Alternately, he or she would be a veritable information kiosk for any and all questions about the itinerary, would anticipate occasional unforeseen logistical problems, and so on. (Oh, yeah! He or she would also allow a bandleader to focus on other things — like, well, you know, the music.)

via Jazz: The Music of Unemployment: The top ten things I learned from the Rocktober tour.