via Bug Incision Records + Bent Spoon Duo Live on WFMU – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog. Head over there to listen/download the set:

A year or so I go WFMU received a bunch of releases from the Bug Incision label, a small high quality improv label based in Calgary, Canada. Now honestly, I don’t know much about Calgary, but I was transfixed by this scene happening up there being documented by Bug Incision. I have a tendency to root for the underdog and so was intrigued by the label immediately, but the music lived up to all expectations. There seemed to be a wide berth of sounds, sometimes coming from the same people, from your basic free jazz descended improv, to grating noise, skittering improv, toys and “tiny instruments,” an anything-goes mentality that seemed to be free of dogma. On further inspection I noted Bug Incision also released some fine music from Ben Hall’s Broken Research/Detroit orbit, a midwestern noise powwow featuring C. Spencer Yeh and Ryan Jewell, as well as a few things with Jack Wright, somewhat of a teacher/patron saint to many of the leading younger North American free players. In other words, good company they keep.

I contacted Chris Dadge who runs Bug Incision and appears on many of the label’s releases, about possibly doing something for my radio show and while he doesn’t get to the NYC area often he agreed to record a set especially for the program to send to me. I left it up to him and he put together an exceptional improv set by the Bent Spoon Duo, his long running group with Scott Munro. Their set-up is highly portable; a few battery powered amps, maybe a snare drum, small percussion, some tiny Casio keyboards, perhaps a guitar, etc. which is remarkable in its simplicity, and yet belies the group’s sound, so much bigger than the sum of its parts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please stream or download via the Free Music Archive. Thanks to Chris Dadge and Scott Munro for taking the time to play and engineer this recording.