Well, it’s the time of year that I routinely make blog promises that I can’t keep, but here goes.

My intention for 2010 is to maintain Love Gloom more regularly, feature/host mp3s occasionally, and develop more original content in the form of short posts, commentary or essays. I also intend to open the blog up to include more electroacoustic, free improv, psych, beard/canyon rock, noise and drone, or any other wanton obsession, non-musical included. I hope to make Love Gloom more (not less) personal, and more (not less) interesting, as well.

There are also plans in the works to do an affiliated sort-of “label” if I can drum up some funds and enough time, or to simply assist artists in the direct-to-fan approach to the current musical economy (inquire if you’re interested). I also have some more professional projects in the works that I hope may overlap with what I do here.

On a related note, I will do my best to prep more thoroughly for The Long Rally, since I feel l short change the radio show on occasion do to lack of prep time and everything else getting in the way!

2010 will also bring baby #3 in the Love Gloom household so we’ll see how much I can reasonably accomplish with that Big Happening! Eyes bigger than stomach, etc.

I definitely don’t say it enough, but THANKS for paying attention to my tiny corner of the internet. It means a lot to me. I am honored by your support and your contribution to what I hope can be an actual community. Feel free to get in touch anytime. It’s 2010, we can do this!