(Lawrence Casserly of Evan Parker’s Electroacoustic Ensemble)

Watching the iPad video yesterday (and discussing with bandmate Pete) piqued my curiosity about the device’s musical potential. The release of the iPad is pretty exciting for followers and makers of electronic music, particularly improvisors.  It’s really only a matter of days before musicians start showing up on stage sporting one or more iPads.  For one thing, it’s big enough to display actual piano keys (or some version of a guitar neck), but also could function the same way any trigger pad like a tenori-on or monome or even a Wii remote or any other midi/OSC controller functions.  There are synth apps for the iPhone that already have Pd and Max/MSP guts (like RjDj).  This is a big (and relatively affordable) evolution in electronic music.  It will be exciting to see how experimental musicians use the iPad in the coming months, particularly in performance.